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Gates & Metal Fabrication in Melbourne


Pedestrian Gate Design and Installation


At Make Fencing, we excel in crafting bespoke pedestrian gates that enhance your property's functionality and aesthetics. Our custom gate designs ensure a perfect fit for your unique needs, whether it's security, style, or both. We blend craftsmanship and innovation to create durable, visually appealing gates that elevate your property's curb appeal and functionality.


Make Fencing specializes in crafting tailor-made sliding gates, elevating the convenience and security of your property. Our custom designs ensure a seamless fit, accommodating unique sizes and styles. These gates offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, combining durability and a sleek appearance to enhance the overall appeal of your space.


Sliding gates, compared to swinging counterparts, offer superior reliability by avoiding issues related to wind resistance and uneven terrain. Their smooth, controlled movement ensures consistent and secure access to your property.

Sliding Gate Builders in Melbourne
Swinging Gates


Make Fencing excels in crafting personalized swinging gates that harmonize with your property's design and security needs. Our custom gate solutions guarantee precise sizing and style to match your preferences, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and accessibility of your space.

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